Our Team


nicole sanchez: PROJECT Manager

Nicole is a 3rd year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Business Economics and Law, minoring in Accounting. She coordinates the business aspect of the project such as the organization of events, integration of the education program, and compilation of research and preparation for product release. Nicole also manages a team of 5 in the Business Portfolio to achieve organizational goals, and a team of 6 in the Research and Development Portfolio to develop the product.




I am currently in my 4th year of Honours Neuroscience and I am driven by curiosity. This year, I would love to see our R&D team develop a working Hempact prototype as a first step towards realizing sustainable social entrepreneurship. When I'm not working on the Hempact project, I enjoy spending my time volunteering in a speech language pathology lab studying child language and literacy. In the future, I aspire to become a speech language pathologist or a pediatrician.